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Soap Making Molds

Soap Making Molds

Soap molds can make the difference between an amateurish looking bar of soap and a product that is comparable or superior to the most expensive of commercial soaps.

There are countless benefits associated with homemade soap. It is inexpensive to make, contains purer ingredients and there are thousands of recipes available. Homemade soaps can be varied by color, scent and ingredient to produce nearly any type of soap product that can be imagined. However, many times a handmade soap may lack the aesthetic appeal of a uniquely shaped and professional appearing bar of soap. Soap molds will turn a home made recipe into a sophisticated creation. Use a soap mold to create a bar of soap that’s beautiful to look at and good for your skin and budget.

Soap molds are made of wood, durable plastic or heavy duty ABS plastic, and high impact polystyrene plastic or flexible heavy duty vinyl. Many people even use muffin tins or baking pans as soap molds. Wooden molds are usually used for soap that is made using the cold process method… blending a lye solution with oils, melting and pouring the melted mixture into a loaf shaped mold and allowing it to cure for 4-6 weeks before slicing it into bars.

The pour and mold method, which is bar far the easiest soap making method, consists of melting a base that is already prepared and poured into a mold. These pre- made bases can be purchased in a wide variety of sizes and many combinations of ingredients. Soap molds come in a nearly endless variety of shapes and sizes. The cavities in the molds make it easy to create a beautifully embossed soap or a soap that is shaped into anything from a leaf to a crayon. The cavities in the mold can be colored differently and so the many diverse and delightful shapes and sizes of soap that can be created are limited only by your imagination.

Here are some creative and thoughtful soap gifts to make with a favorite soap recipe and a variety of soap molds

Beautiful Basket of Flowers

Everyone enjoys receiving flowers. There are soap molds available for nearly any type of flower, or use a mold that will create an embossed flower on a bar of soap. Pick up an inexpensive basket at a craft store or yard sale and fill it with gardenia, rose and lily of the valley scented and shaped or embossed soaps. Line the basket with some decorative tissue and give the gift of flower; a perfect gift for the flower and fragrance lover.

Small Wooden Toy Box

Turn bath time into a fun event for the children in your life. Purchase a small wooden box, paint the child’s name on the box and fill it with brightly colored soaps shaped like crayons, wooden soldiers, candy or animals.

The Ultimate Sweet Tooth

Fill a decorative tin with soap shaped as candy canes, cookies or even M and M,s and scent your soaps with chocolate and butterscotch. Present it to the candy lover in your life as a sweet surprise.

These are only a few ideas for using decorative soap molds. Unleash your inner artist and create a soap masterpiece today.

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