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Soap Making Fragrances

Soap Making Fragrances

Choosing a soap making fragrances can be perplexing. You can spend hours devising the perfect recipe, combining the coloring agents to create an eye pleasing effect and your careful efforts will be unsuccessful if the wrong soap making fragrance is chosen. You know the fragrances you enjoy and you may know the fragrance choices of many of your friends and loved ones. As with many endeavors, cooking, painting, sewing, knowledge is the element that can turn a novice into an expert.

Learning how to choose the perfect soap making fragrances is the best possible way to distinguish your soap making efforts and include the element that ties your entire composition together. If you want to become an expert on choosing the right soap making fragrances, knowledge of the different soap making fragrance categories can be helpful.

Do you want a sweet and feminine soap making fragrance? The floral group should be your choice. Are you a fan of the “foody” smells like chocolate, apple pie, vanilla? The gourmand category will give you many delectable choices. If you love the mysterious and alluring, the oriental fragrance group is a perfect choice. Puzzled about what scents to choose for a soap making fragrance for a man? The leather category is the ideal place to look.

There are numerous fragrances categories that are added daily as the science of soap making fragrances and the different fragrance categories continue to develop. The categories listed are only the basic categories; however the following information will supply an excellent knowledge base for you as you learn the fine art of soap making fragrances.


This category is home to more soap making fragrances than any other. Think lilacs, roses, lily of the valley, hyacinth, freesia and the many combinations of flowers… heady bouquets, gardens, wildflowers and single note fragrances This the first category to discover if you are going to make a feminine and soft smelling soaps.

Orientals or Ambers:

Powdery, exotic, sexy and mysterious these soap making fragrances often contain a large percentage of vanilla. This is a wonderful category from which to choose if you are looking for the luxurious and rich fragrance. Or that special soap fragrance for the hard to please or glamorous in your life.


Dramatic and deeply sensual, this soap making fragrance category is truly distinctive. Chypres commonly contain bergamot, patchouli and oak moss. This category is statement making and very exotic and makes a wonderful choice to scent soap for the person who enjoys the unusual.


Orange, lemon, lime, neroli, these soap making fragrances are clean, bracing and crisp. This is a wonderful category for refreshing and rejuvenating soaps.


Tobacco, leather, the smell of a new car interior. This category is perfect for the masculine soaps you want to create. Women enjoy this category as well because it is often unusual.


Marzipan, dark chocolate and caramel are all notes you may find in this mouth watering category. Choose this when you want to create something delectable.

You are now on your way to becoming a soap making fragrances expert! Let your imagination go to work and discover your next soap masterpiece!

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