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Easy Soap Making

Easy Soap Making

Easy to Follow Guide and Recipe!

Searching for recipes for easy soap making can easily lead anyone to believe that easy soap making is just not possible. Sometimes the confusing instructions and complicated processes are nearly enough to cause anyone to decide to take-up an entirely different hobby.

Many recipes require the use of lye which can be dangerous and is extremely caustic. Other recipes are written in a manner that may appear to be hieroglyphics rather than English. Another annoying factor is that half way through the recipe the author may remind you of something that was necessary four or five steps ago. The phrasing of the recipes can also be hard to follow and very general. “Terminology such as “big globs” or “really hot to the touch” are not very accommodating when temperatures and precise information would be much more helpful.

Don’t despair. The following is a recipe that clearly explains how to easily make lovely individually sized decorative soaps. Not only is the recipe included but the directions for lovely packaging for the perfect gift are included as well. This recipe makes small soaps that are wonderful for gift giving and party favors.

Ingredients and Supplies

  • 2 lb Box of natural Glycerin soap. You can find this at any craft store or even online.
  • Plastic soap molds for individual soaps. Choose molds to suit the occasion. Flower molds are an excellent choice for this recipe.
  • Glass measuring cup
  • Food coloring – Choose any color or match the color to the type of mold you have chosen
  • Rose or gardenia fragrance oil. Feel free to be creative and make a custom scent by combining fragrance oils!
  • 1 package of small clear bags. Many come with an attached ribbon and these really are perfect for this project
  • 1 piece of decorative scrap booking paper: 12inches x 12inches
  • Labels
  • Ribbon in a coordinating color – 2 yards
  • Scissors
  • Waxed Paper


You will repeat the following process to fill each mold individually.

  • Use 2 small pieces of glycerin soap for each individual size mold
  • Place in glass measuring cup
  • Melt for 10 seconds in microwave and continue in 5 second intervals until melted
  • Add food coloring, 2 – 3 drops at a time until color intensity is acquired.
  • Add your soap fragrance 2 drops at a time until desired fragrance level is attained.
  • Stir quickly and gently pour in to mold
  • Rinse measuring cup and continue melting the soap, adding color and fragrance until all molds are filled
  • While soaps are cooling, lay down a piece of waxed paper or freezer paper shiny side facing up on your work area.
  • After the soap has cooled completely for 40 minutes apply gentle, constant pressure to release the soap from mold
  • Store the soap in a plastic container for 2 days until firm

Packaging & Presentation

  • Place the individual soaps into the small cellophane bags
  • Sign or address the labels and set aside.
  • Cut decorative scrap booking paper into strips long enough to wrap around the center of the individual soaps.
  • After determining the size of the paper strips, cut ribbon to make a decorative bow to hold the paper in place
  • Wrap the strip of decorative paper around the center of the soap and hold in place.
  • Use your labels to “glue” the paper together
  • Loop the ribbon over and around the soap and tie the ribbon into a bow.
  • Place the decoratively wrapped soap into the small clear bags and nicely tie a contrasting color of ribbon over the small bag to create a bow. If the bags have bows attached simply tie the bow.

Beautifully professional and so simple! Now that is really easy soap making!

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